Terms of Service

The SLAM terms of use (hereinafter referred to as "Terms and Conditions") refer to the application service "SLAM" (hereinafter referred to as the "application") and services provided by the application (hereinafter referred to as the "service"). It defines the Terms and Conditions.
When using this service, these terms and conditions apply, please be sure to read it before using it.


The purpose of this service is to provide a place where users can have a better skating life through the exchange of information. Users must use the Service in accordance with the terms of the Terms of Use, and can not use the Service without agreeing to the Terms of Use. When the user downloads the service to a smartphone or other information terminal and performs an agreement procedure on the terms, a usage agreement between the user and our company in accordance with the terms and conditions of the terms (hereinafter referred to as "the use The contract is called).


Definitions of terms used in these Terms of Use are as defined in the following items.
"User" means any person who uses the Service regardless of whether or not ### 4 (Registration of Use) is registered, including those who have read the Service. "Use registration" means to register to use a part of this service based on ### 4 (use registration). "Registration information" means any information that the user has reported to us such as registration ID, nickname, e-mail address, password, address, date of birth, gender, etc. "Registered User" means a registered user. "Personal information" shall mean "personal information" as defined in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (Law No. 57, May 30, 2003). "Intellectual property right" means copyright, patent right, utility model right, design right, trademark right and other intellectual property right (the right to obtain those rights or to apply for registration etc. for those rights) It includes.). "Post data" means content (including sentences, images, videos and other data, including but not limited to) that the user submits and sends using the service.

3.use environment

The computers, smartphones and other information terminals, software, communication lines and other communication environments, etc. necessary to receive the service will be prepared and maintained at the user's expense and responsibility. We do not guarantee that this service conforms to all devices, etc., and there may be a problem in the operation of this service with the upgrade of the OS of the information terminal used to use this service. Each user agrees beforehand. We do not guarantee that if such a problem occurs, we will correct the program, etc., and the problem will be eliminated. The user acknowledges in advance that the use of part or all of this service may be restricted due to changes in the terms of use and operation policies of the app store such as AppStore and GooglePlay.

4.Use registration

In order to use a part of this service, such as posting of content, it is necessary to have you register use. Those who wish to register in the preceding paragraph (hereinafter referred to as "the applicants for registration") agree to abide by the terms and conditions, and provide us with registration information in a manner prescribed by us. , You can apply for use registration. We judge whether or not to register the applicant for registration (hereinafter referred to as "registration applicant") based on the preceding paragraph in accordance with our standards, and if we recognize that we can Notifies the applicant for registration. Registration Applicant registration has been completed upon notification by this company. Our company may refuse registration and re-registration if the registration applicant falls under any of the following items, and we have no obligation to disclose the reasons. If all or part of the registration information is false, incorrect or missing, it is a minor, an adult ward, a protected person or an aidee, a legal representative, a guardian, a guard or If you have not obtained the consent of the assistant, etc. gangsters, gangsters, those who have not passed 5 years from being a gangster, gang gang members, gang companies, general assembly shop, social movement etc. Anti-social forces, such as violent groups or persons equivalent to these (hereinafter collectively referred to as "anti-social forces"), or co-operating or participating in the maintenance, operation or management of anti-social forces through funding or other means If we judge that we have any kind of interaction or involvement If we judge that we have violated a contract with us in the past or those who are related to us We have received the measures described in ### 12 If there are other cases , if we decide that the registration is not appropriate.

5.Change of registration information

If the registered information changes, the registered user shall notify us of the changed information by the method defined by us.

6.Management of Registration ID and Password

Registered users, under their own responsibility, shall properly manage and store the registered ID and password related to the Service, and shall not use this for a third party, or lend, transfer, change the name, trade, etc. I shall The registered user bears responsibility for damage caused by inadequate management of registration ID or password, incorrect use, third party's use, etc., and we assume no responsibility.

7.rate and payment method

Use of this service is free of charge in principle. If we provide paid services for this service, we will notify or announce to users.

8.Contents of post data

If a Registered User makes a posting that falls under any of the following items, we will be able to delete or hide the posted data without notifying the Registered User in advance.
When post data is something other than spots, skate shops, and those related to them: When post data contains information related to the privacy of the registered user or third party (name, address, phone number, etc.) Post In the case where the data contains something against the law or public order and morals.

9.Prohibited acts

Users shall not engage in any of the following acts or actions that we deem to be applicable when using this service. The following prohibited acts may be modified as appropriate by our company, and the user is obliged to always check the latest contents when using this service.
Acts relating to acts that violate the law or conduct criminal acts Fraud or intimidation of our company, other users of this service or other third parties Acts against public order and morals Intellectual property of our company, other users or other third parties Acts that violate the rights Acts that violate the portrait right, right to privacy, honor, other rights or interests of our company, other users or other third parties All acts related to solicitation to any particular religion related to campaigning Act Posting or transmitting information on this service that falls under or corresponds to any of the following through this service Information computer, virus or other harmful computer program including excessive violent or cruel expression Information including the Company, other users or other third party intellectual property Information violate the rights our, portrait rights of other users or other third parties, information violates the privacy rights In addition to the provisions of the previous issue, for self or a third party, information individuals may be identified our company, other of user or other third parties of honor or information, which includes a representation to damage the credit too much information, including the obscene expression information including promoting discrimination representation suicide, information includes a representation that promotes the self-inflicted drug danger Information that includes expressions that promote the inappropriate use of drugs Information that includes antisocial expressions Information that seeks to spread information to third parties such as chain mail Information includes a representation discomfort to others the opposite sex, information for the purpose of meeting or obscene acts such as the acquaintance with no third party, regardless of sex other information deemed inappropriate by us through the Service, following The act of posting a review that includes any of the following information: Information of content that defams the subject of review Information of content that can identify the individual, such as name, address, place of work, telephone number (by comparing with information on the subject of review the including cases that may be specific.) This review is the contents of the information not relevant fact confirmed difficult content and false contents of the information about the true or false content of the information on to report to the appropriate public institutions matters trouble with the review target or contents related complaint information other information deemed inappropriate by us over the network or system, such as the service Acts that cause heavy loads Acts that may interfere with the operation of this service Disassembly, decompilation, reverse engineering, etc. Acts of analyzing the source code of this service Unauthorized access to our network or system, etc., or illegal Act to try access Act to duplicate, transmit, assign, lend or modify this service Act to impersonate a third party Act to use registered ID or password of other users Promotion on this service that we do not permit in advance , Advertising, solicitation or business conduct Acts solely for the purpose of collecting information about our company or other users Acts of giving disadvantage, damage or discomfort to our company, other users or other third parties Acts of providing benefits to anti-social forces Acts of the preceding items that violate the purpose and purpose of the Terms and the Service Or act to induce or facilitate indirectly Other act that we deem to be inappropriate.

10.Stop of Service etc.

The Company may suspend or interrupt the provision of all or part of the services in the Service without notifying the user in advance if any of the following items apply. In case of emergency inspection or maintenance work of the computer system related to this service When the computer, communication line etc. are shut down due to an accident When this service can not be operated due to fire, blackout etc. Earthquake, lightning, wind and flood damage, natural disasters Etc. If the service can not be operated due to force majeure If the service can not be operated due to a law or a measure based on this In addition, if we decide that we need to stop or suspend our company Shall not be liable for any damages caused to the user for any measures taken.

11.attribution of intellectual property right in relation to the Service etc.

All intellectual property rights concerning our website and this service belong to us or the person who has licensed us, and the license of this service based on these terms is the person who has licensed us It does not mean that the license of intellectual property rights of.

12.Rights for Post Data

The user expresses and guarantees to us that the posting data has the legal right to post or transmit by itself and that the posting data does not infringe the rights of the third party. Shall be

13.Usage of Posting Data, etc.

The right (post rights such as copyright and personality right of the author) of the posted data posted using this service belongs to the person who created the posted data. We and our designated persons use the post data (including, but not limited to, duplication, adaptation, automatic public transmission, and the transmission enablement necessary for that purpose) free of charge, indefinitely and without region restrictions. Shall be able to The user agrees not to exercise the author's personal right to us and those who have succeeded or granted the rights from us.

14.Deregistration etc.

We delete the posting data or suspend the use of this service for the user without notifying or notifying in advance if the user falls under any of the following items: You may cancel your registration or cancel this User Agreement. If you violate any of the provisions of the statute or the Terms if you that there is a false fact in the registration information is found when there is no equivalent to the use of a long period of time this service our against us to seek other answer inquiries from us If there is no response within a period specified where applicable in the fourth paragraph 4 each item other, our use of the service, if it is determined that the registration as a user, or a continuation of the use agreement not appropriate We , If the Company deems it necessary or that the User falls under any of the items in the preceding paragraph, and if it deems it necessary, the Company shall discontinue the violation and voluntarily submit the information submitted to the User. May require deletion, correction, etc., at which time the user will respond to the request within a time period determined by our company. We will not be liable for any damages caused to you by the actions we have taken under this section.

15.Report of Violations

If the user determines that another user may violate this Terms of Use, etc., if the posted data of the other user violates the rights of the user or a third party, etc. We shall be able to notify us according to the method. If we receive a notification based on the provisions of the preceding paragraph, we will, based on our discretion, confirm that the content of the notification is the fact, and will not give any notice to the user who posted the notification. We shall be able to take measures such as deletion of the post data concerned and suspension of use without giving notice. The provisions of the previous two paragraphs do not oblige us to respond to reports by users.


Users can withdraw from this service and cancel their registration as a user by notifying us in a prescribed manner. The handling of user information after withdrawal (including but not limited to personal information and registration information) shall be governed by the provisions of ### 21.

17.Change and termination of the contents of this service

We may change the content of this service or terminate its provision at our convenience. If we terminate the provision of this service, we will notify you in advance. We will not be liable for any damage caused to you based on the measures we have taken under this section.

18.end of use

For any reason, if the user loses the right to use the service, the user consents in advance that the digital content related to the service will not be available at the same time.

19.Disclaimer and Disclaimer of Warranty

Our company is that this service conforms to the specific purpose of the user, that it has the expected function, product value, accuracy, and usefulness, and the use of this service by the user applies to the user. There is no guarantee that the internal rules will be met and that no problems will occur. We may suspend, terminate, terminate, disable, disable or change our service, delete your registration, lose registration information by using this service, or cause equipment failure or damage, or any other damage that you may have in connection with this service. We shall not be liable for any damages (including, but not limited to, incidental damage, indirect damage, special damage, future damage and loss related to lost profits). We assume no responsibility for any transactions, contacts, disputes, etc. that occur between you and other users or third parties in connection with the Service or our website.

20.secret retention

Users shall treat confidentially any non-public information disclosed by us in connection with the Services for the purpose of treating them confidentially, except with our prior written consent.

21.Handling of User Information

The handling of user information by us shall be governed by the privacy policy set forth by us, and the user agrees that we will handle user information in accordance with the privacy policy. We may use and disclose, at our discretion, the information, data, etc. provided to us by the user as statistical information in a form that does not identify the individual, and the user disputes this. Shall not.

22.Communication Secret

We keep the communication secret of the user based on ### 4 of the Telecommunications Business Law. However, if any of the following items apply, we can view or delete the information related to the user's communication secrets to the extent required by the items.
Compulsory disposition under the provisions of the criminal law or the law on wire interception for criminal investigation When a compulsory order or a court order is made When a compulsory disposition based on a law is made Damages to specified telecommunications service providers When we determine that the requirements of the disclosure request based on ### 4 of the Act on the limitation of liability and the disclosure of the sender information have been satisfied If we determine that it is necessary to protect the life, body or property of another person When consent is obtained from the user.

23.Changes to the Terms, etc.

We may, at our discretion, change these Terms of Use at any time for any reason. The revised Terms of Use shall be effective from the time they are displayed on this site, unless otherwise specified by us. If you use the Service after the change of the Terms of Use takes effect, it is considered that you agree to all the contents of the changed Terms of Use.

24.Use of external services

In addition to these Terms and Conditions, the Terms of Use and other conditions defined by the External Service (if the Terms of Service are changed, in addition to the Terms and Conditions) It includes the conditions after the change. With regard to external services, the company or individual who provides the external services bears the responsibility, and we assume that the external services have the expected functionality, product value, accuracy, and usefulness, and the service by the user. There is no guarantee that usage of the product conforms to applicable laws and regulations or industry rules, etc. applicable to users and that no failure occurs.

25.Communication / Notification

Inquiries regarding the Service, other users' communications or notices to the Company, notices of changes to the Terms, and other communications or notices from the Company to the User shall be made in the manner prescribed by the Company.

26.Assignment of Status of Use Agreement, etc.

The user may assign, transfer, secure, or otherwise dispose of a third party on the status of this Agreement or the rights or obligations under this Agreement without prior written consent of our company. It will not be. If we transfer the business related to this service to another company, we will transfer the business transfer to the status of use agreement, the rights and obligations under this agreement and the user registration information and other user information in connection with the business transfer. It shall be transferable to a person, and the user agrees in advance in this section on such transfer. In addition, business transfer specified in this paragraph shall include not only ordinary business transfer but also any cases where a company split or other business transfers.

27.separation possibility

Even if any provision of the Terms or any part of it is determined to be invalid or unenforceable by the Consumer Contracts Act or other laws, the remaining provisions and part of the terms are invalid or unenforceable. The remaining part of the provision that has been determined will continue to be fully effective.

28.Governing Law and Court of Jurisdiction

The governing law of this agreement and this agreement is Japanese law. For all disputes arising out of or relating to the Terms or the Terms of Use, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdiction court of the first trial. [Supplementary provisions]
These terms will come into force on July 1, 2019.
Last updated on July 1, 2019